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Daily rent apartments Makiivka

42 EUR

Donetskaya-ul, 99

house +38(099) 983-87...
11 EUR


2 rooms +38(050) 622-75...

M-n-tsentralnyiy, 7

1 rooms +38(050) 820-26...
12 EUR

Gorbocheva-ul, 4

1 rooms +38(050) 820-26...


1 rooms +38 050 367 52 ...
13 EUR


1 rooms +38 050 367 52 ...
10 EUR

Komarova-ul, 7

2 rooms +38 050 367 52 ...

Solnechnyiy-per, 29

1 rooms +38 050 367 52 ...

Sverdlova-ul, 129

1 rooms +38 050 367 52 ...
10 EUR

Moskovskaya-ul, 37

1 rooms +38 050 367 52 ...


1 rooms +38 050 367 52 ...

Daily rent of apartments in Makeyevka?

You've probably heard a lot about Makeyevka, imagining this settlement as an industrial city. However, if the fate brought you to Makeevka and you want to enjoy its special color, you will find enough sights. However, first of all you should see the results of the online request "apartments for rent in Makeyevka" so that after walks you can comfortably relax.

The city deserves special attention to temples. St. George's Cathedral, Holy Protection Church, the Church of the Archangel Michael, St. Seraphim's Church are interesting not only for Christians, but for all who appreciate the beautiful architecture. Do not miss the opportunity to rent an apartment in Makeyevka for a day near the center to admire the sights.

If you want to live in the central part of the city, renting an apartment in Makeyevka without intermediaries will not be a problem. In the center there is a large selection of interesting and affordable offers.

Where to rent a daily apartment in Makeyevka for a day?

Entering in the "search engine" the query "apartments for rent Makeyevka", you will see tens of thousands of inexpensive options. However, in addition to the cost of living per day, you should be interested in other issues. To rent an apartment in Makeyevka without intermediaries did not conceal a force majeure situation, try to rent an apartment using the site Oneday.

Here are a few reasons to do this:

  • • Possibility to rent an apartment in Makeyevka for a day at a low price;
  • • availability in the dwelling of all necessary, including large and small household appliances;
  • • Rent from owners without charging additional realtor commission;
  • • maximum comfort for tourists due to the completeness of the apartment with linen, dishes, various useful trivia;
  • • availability of options in all areas of the city.

In addition, if you believe the reviews of travelers, with you can cheaply rent an apartment for a day in any Ukrainian city, and not only in Makeyevka.

Rent a daily apartment in Makeyevka without intermediaries and its advantages

As it was already written before, looking through the results on the request of "apartments for daily rent in Makeyevka", it is advisable to pay attention to the options without intermediaries, because this will save your money significantly.

In addition, renting by the day from the owners is also convenient because you have direct contact information of the owners. So, you can contact them to clarify all the details of your stay, at any time, even a week before your arrival.

It is also important to note that it is always easier for the owners directly to agree on the extension of the lease term, discounts, reservations and other nuances. In addition, you will not be expected unpleasant surprises in the form of not moving in time lodgers, uncleared apartment or discrepancies photos to the real kind of apartments. And when there are no problems in housing issues, the trip certainly brings a lot of positive emotions, which we wish you.

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